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By letting natural light stream in, skylights fill rooms with warmth and a feeling of spaciousness. By reducing the need for electrical lighting and controlling heat gain and loss during winter and summer months, they also help trim energy bills.


Just adding one or two skylights can transform a room from ordinary to spectacular!

Flat glass skylights 

These use tempered laminated glass with a dual glaze which helps to reflect and protect from harmful UV rays. Within the two pieces of glass is a vacuum of gas that works to prevent the transfer of heat making the skylight extremely energy efficient. You can choose between fixed, manual venting or electric venting skylight.  There’s a variety of sizes, but typically you want to use a standard size unless a custom size is your only option.  


Dome skylights 

These are an older version of the skylight. They were very popular in the '80s and '90s because at that time flat skylights would leak. The domed skylight doesn’t allow water to build up forming puddles on top because of its dome shape resulting in dry ceilings.

Domed acrylic skylights generally do not have very good energy ratings, but the negative effects will only be noticeable during your climates most extreme weather conditions. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and circumstance.  Dome Skylights are built strong with high-quality materials and in most cases more affordable than other skylight options.


Tubular skylight

If you want more natural light in your home but traditional flat glass skylights won’t work for any reason, you really need to check out a tubular skylight. They are affordable and provide amazing daylight. Ideal for rooms, closets, hallways, laundry rooms and bathrooms.


Contact us today for a quote to install your new skylight.

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