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When your roof leaks, you want action. HEIS Roofing is ready to repair your roof promptly and professionally. We do both emergency and non-emergency roof repairs; weather leak was caused by a storm, a fallen object or poor workmanship we can help. Our experienced professionals will responsibly assess your roof condition; offer an appropriate solution and a cost estimate. Contact us today.

When is a repair needed?

There are a variety of reasons that a roof will need repair. The most common reasons are poor workmanship, weather-related conditions, and the age of the roof.


Improper installation

Most roof leaks are due to poor workmanship. The most common are improper shingle installation, exposed nails and incorrect or insufficient use of flashing. In most cases, these can cause slow leaks that go undetected for long periods of time causing harmful mold growth and structural roof damage.


Roofs are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Over time, the roofing material can become damaged from excessive heat, cold, storms and various types of debris.



As roofs age, minor problems such as tears and splits in the roof membrane, and cracks and deterioration may occur. Although these defects may not be severe, if not repaired promptly they can become major problems and lead to larger expenses.


Not all leaking roofs need replacement. Often we can extend the life of a poorly performing roof by several years with our careful repair work, giving you more time to plan for the investment of a new roof. You will find that HEIS Roofing offers effective methods of long term-repair. 

Schedule an appointment to give you an honest evaluation of your roof and provide a repair estimate.

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